Top Dangerous Gout Foods to Avoid Using

Red meat

There are many types of meat available in the supermarket. From domestic to wild meats, as a gout sufferer, you should avoid red meats as much as possible. Because red meats contain higher levels of purine compared to white meats. Beef, lamb, and also pork contains high levels of purine, enough to make your gout flare up in just 2 days and last quite a while if you consume just a normal serving.

White meat is comparatively lower in purine content. So, having chicken on the dinner table is not as bad as having lamb chop for dinner. With that said, you must control the intake of chicken meat as well, because generally purine content in meats is higher than that of vegetables. It wouldn’t hurt to occasionally indulge in pork burgers once in a blue moon.


Scallops are another high purine food that you must avoid most of the time. Seafood is high in purine content. Try to stay away from them and resist the temptation to eat seafood salads with scallops when dining out in a fancy restaurant. If you really want to take seafood, 2-4 ounces daily is the maximum that you should limit yourself to. Otherwise, the flare ups will make you regret your decision. Remember that scallops are one of the gout foods to avoid.

Beer is bad

The golden nectar of the gods known to humans as beer is extremely bad for gout. The moment you start gulping down a cup of beer, it ups your risk of gout flare up significantly. Beer is one of the gout foods to avoid. The main reason is that beer or alcohol reduces uric acid clearance in the body. Once uric acid starts accumulating in the body, uric acid crystal forms in the joints and this will cause serious gout pain.

If you want to drink, wine is a better choice. However, alcohol consumption is bad idea for anyone. You should refrain from taking alcohol at all.


This particular vegetable contains high purine and it is another gout food to avoid. You should reduce your intake of cauliflower and substitute it with other vegetables. Generally, it is easier to excrete purines from vegetable sources. So, vegetable rich diet is recommended for any gout sufferers. Keep eating those vegetables!

Sugary Drinks

It has been reported that drinks which is high in fructose corn syrup stimulates production of uric acid in the body. You will be at higher risk of suffering gout pain if you drink soda or sweetened fruit drinks every other day. So leave those drinks on the shelf!

It is best to moderate your intake of certain food types because you just found out that scallops is not to be taken everyday, red meats are high in purine content, beer and sugary drinks will increase your uric acid levels, and specific vegetables should not be eaten so often. There are many more gout foods to avoid for gout sufferers. These are just a few of the major ones that you should beware of.